Is Hair and Makeup included?

We believe that Makeup is very personal and because of this we do not package hair and makeup in our sessions. We have clients that are experts in doing their hair and makeup and come to the session already done up. If you browse through our portfolio, a third of those did their own makeup. However, we have worked with several Hair and Make-up artists and can provide a list of our recommended Hair and Makeup artists.

Will you be editing images?

Yes! Prior to our session, we will discuss what type of retouching you desire. We believe in keeping your images authentic and because of this, we do not alter body shape and size. However, we will only capture you in the most flattering poses.

I want to book but I am not photogenic and I don’t know how to pose, will you help me?

I’ve lost track on how many times we’ve heard these statements. But rest assured, our clients always leave the studio happy and with a newly found confidence. Of course, we will help you pose (or NOT pose) and we will definitely do our magic to help you relax and be yourself.

I have more questions..

Please feel free to email us at